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Lincoln Park New Construction

When close friends mentioned they were beginning their search for their first Chicago home, the stars aligned when we realized that a property being built by our general contractor just across town would be the perfect fit. 


The couple, both in consulting, were looking for a newer building that would accommodate their fast paced and busy lifestyle and have longevity as they looked to put down roots in the city.

Entertainment space, both indoor and out, garage parking, spare bedrooms to host visiting family and friends and location near public transit were all on the wish list.

The home, a brand new 4 bed, 3 bath duplex down with two private outdoor spaces fit the bill perfectly.


With construction nearing completion at the time of sale, Williams IC was contracted to assist with the selection of all fixtures and finishes as well as full interior design services. 


The end result is a stately, but comfortable Lincoln Park home outfitted with luxurious and fun textures, thoughtful finishes selected to set the home apart from other new construction homes in the area, reflective of the owners personal style, and perfectly designed for this beautiful family.

Design: WIC

Construction: Buckley Bucklers

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